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Flickr gets an overhaul and a new Android app

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Flickr Activity Feed

The new Flickr Activity Feed

Yahoo‘s event on Tuesday morning (21 May), stood in the shadow of its $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr on the weekend, but had some substantial announcements, none the less, regarding the Yahoo owned platform, Flickr.

Flickr has seen a substantial revamp. Users now each get a whopping 1 TB of photo and video storage space at no extra cost. 1080p videos can now be up to 3 minutes long and there is no restriction on the number of 3 minute video clips users can upload to their 1 TB storage space.

New Flickr Photostream

The new Flickr Photostream

Other changes include a redesign of the Photostream, a customisable cover photo area and high resolution profile pictures. The Activity Feed now combines the user’s recent uploads with the user’s friends’ recent activity. Photo “Sets” have been introduced for a user to tell a story about a group of photographs. The Flickr web app, which was looking rather dated, now fills up one’s entire screen with photographs. And a new photograph slideshow mode is part of the redesigned experience.

Flickr Sets

Photo Sets

Following on from its redesign of the iOS Flickr app in December, Yahoo has revamped the Android Flickr app to bring it up to date with the web experience. Click here to download the new Android app. Nothing was mentioned regards new apps for BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Flickr Slideshow

Redesigned slideshow

We’re interested to see what part Flickr is going to play in Tumblr, now that they are under the same wing. Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, mentioned that Tumblr and Flickr integration is highly possible, but since the acquisition is so fresh, the team needs time to explore that opportunity.

Source: Flickr’s blog

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