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Call of Duty Ghosts gameplay

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Call of Duty Ghosts

At a pre-E3 livestream event, developer Infinity Ward revealed new gameplay footage of the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts.  By the looks of things it certainly is visually impressive and has more of a cinematic flair to it than any other Call of Duty game.

The two levels shown were impressive as one of the levels saw players taking control of the Ghosts dog named Riley. Here you could see the dog being commanded via a headset, this makes for very interesting gameplay as the dog stalks around hunting enemies. Another level saw player’s scuba diving while piloting remote-controlled torpedoes. The new tech and gameplay looks great and will be interesting to see how the battle between Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts will play out.

Call of Duty Ghosts is set to launch on both current and next-generation consoles on November 5th, and we should get a better look at the game when E3 kicks off next week.

Below is the “Dog Mission – No Man’s Land” gameplay:

Below is the “Into the Deep” underwater gameplay:

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