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PS4 vs Xbox One

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PS4 vs Xbox

Finally, after much anticipation, E3 has revealed what we can expect to see from both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4. So far the console war is proving to be a very exciting one, but one thing is for sure, Sony is making the early start with its PS4 by having a lower price, more powerful hardware and a popular stance against DRM.

Microsoft’s press conference at E3 was seen as a chance for them to clear up things and finally announce a price and a release date for its new console. The Xbox One is due to ship in November 2013 for $499. Microsoft will be launching its console directly against the PS4 in time for the holiday season.

The $499 price for the Xbox One in comparison to the Xbox 360’s $399 launch price in 2005 might be seen as a bit steep, but that price also includes the new Kinect sensor. It’s yet to be seen if the new Kinect will be advantageous to have or will it just sit there collecting dust in living rooms. Microsoft’s biggest problem was the outrage that it received over it’s online check-in requirement, where users would have to be connected to the internet in order for their games to be verified every 24 hours, and its used games policies.

At long last Microsoft is moving away from Xbox points, which is probably one of the best moves they could make. “We’re moving to real money” was all Microsoft really had to say. Now consumers won’t be stuck with odd numbers of Microsoft points, only being able to spend them on wallpapers and avatar t-shirts.

The Xbox One’s quest to take over our living rooms is showing potential. The Xbox one looks to be a more all rounded machine with its expansive entertainment options. We are all very excited for this.

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Sony’s Press conference saw the PlayStation 4’s price announced at $399. Sony was also extremely excited when they announced that the PS4 would be free of used game limitations or mandatory online authentication. The console is even region-free, like the PS3, whereas Microsoft has said that the Xbox One won’t play games from different territories. However Sony was pretty quiet about the fact the online multiplayer would require the premium Playstation Plus service, just like the Xbox Live service.

The processor in the PS4 will use AMD technology, both for its CPU and GPU elements which are remarkably similar to the Xbox One. It turns out that the PS4 looks to be significantly more powerful than the Xbox One in two areas namely: memory and GPU. Memory in the PS4 will have a whopping 8GB of super fast GDDR5 memory, where the Xbox uses 8GB of DDR3 memory.

The PS4 and Xbox One GPUs look to use practically identical hardware designs, both from AMD and both very similar to the recently released AMD Radeon 7790. However, the PS4 GPU looks to have 50 per cent more compute units than the Xbox One. A Microsoft engineer stated the Xbox One had 768 compute units – 50% less than the PS4’s 1,152 units.

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From what we have seen it looks like Microsoft has reached too far in trying to deliver an all round machine instead of focusing on its core gamers. This could give the PS4 the edge. It has undeniably better hardware, a better-looking approach to DRM and is cheaper too.

Kyle Jordan

Writer and editor for Tech Net Africa.


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