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BioShock Infinite Xbox 360 Review

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BioShock Infinite Wallpaper

When BioShock was first introduced on the Xbox 360 back in 2007, the city of Rapture wowed crowds with its spectacular visuals, interesting storyline and gameplay. After countless delays and multiple changes to the game, does the hype around Infinite reach the stratosphere or does it sink like the city of Rapture?


BioShock Infinite follows the same themes of the previous two games in which the game revolves around magnificent cities that are often inhabited by weird and deadly individuals, in this case Infinite is based on a floating city called Columbia.

Taking place in 1912, BioShock Infinite follows Booker DeWitt, a indebted man in the forgotten city of Columbia, the floating city in the sky. Booker must find a woman named Elizabeth and bring her to New York to wipe away his debt.

BioShock amazes audiences by tackling issues that would not usually be seen in a video game because they are often seen as too taboo. BioShock Infinite isn’t afraid to tackle the way religious and racial extremism have impacted cultures and changed lives. It isn’t afraid to depict a man, who is the city’s prophet, as a diseased power hungry individual that uses deception and manipulation to control the people of Columbia.


The gameplay shares a lot of similarities with its predecessors. So what has changed? Well, there are no Little Sisters to save, no health packs and plasmid items can be used to recover health and mana.  With one hand you control a weapon and the other you have a special ability. You level up your abilities with something called Vigor. These are vials of liquids placed around the city that grant you different powers and usages.

One major difference in Infinite is the ability to use your melee weapon to both kill enemies and travel through the skyline of Columbia, which you can then use to drop down to an unsuspecting enemy bellow. BioShock Infinite’s combat is more free-wheeling and exciting than in the other games in the series. It doesn’t feel so linear.  Throughout the game you find various clothing items that grant you additional powers. You spend the coins you pilfer from corpses and cash registers, on Vigor and weapon upgrades, by using the cash on the vending machines placed throughout the city.

The game’s magnificent visuals and audiovisuals bring back the nostalgia from the original BioShock. With ten hours of gameplay, one is left a bit unsatisfied, but Irrational has spared no effort in delivering some of the best gameplay I have ever seen in a game.


The city of Columbia is a, brilliantly realised, floating oasis where airships are strewn across the cities skylines. BioShock Infinite is a beautiful art house game that throws together a collection of colours like paint on a canvas. The immense world, with its glorious colours and lighting, brings the entire story together along with its characters. Irrational Games has done a superb job, with the dated Xbox 360 hardware, in the graphics department. The game pushes the console to its limits.


Overall BioShock is probably one of the most magnificent games I have ever played. From its important message in its storyline, to its beautiful landscapes and intense combat. Irrational Games has propelled Infinite to a height of being one of the greatest games of all time.

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Kyle Jordan

Writer and editor for Tech Net Africa.


  1. 1 April 2013


    Great review !! Short and sweet

    • 4 April 2013

      Kyle Jordan

      Thank you, I really Hope you enjoy the game.


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