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Tech Net Africa is a South Africa technology media company. Our mission is to deliver a unique technology media experience to Africa and the world.

Too often African blogs and websites provide news on the political happenings in the technology sphere and tend to focus on the negative aspects of the African technology experience.

Tech Net Africa was started to provide a point of view on technology that is positive and globally applicable. We intend to keep Africa in the technology loop and provide content that is specifically relevant to our continent.

The team is made up of Jason Malan, residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a Computer Science student at the University of South Africa and he works, part-time, as an IT technical support consultant. Jason’s career choice stems out of his expert knowledge and keen interest in technology.

The next member of the team is Kyle Jordan who also resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kyle is a BCom Information management Graduate with an Honours degree in Economics from the University of South Africa. He has a passion for all things tech and gaming.

Tech Net Africa operates in South Africa under the name: Tech Net Africa CC; registration number: 2010/113538/23.